Fall 2017 Season News

We are about to begin our fall 2017 MYS soccer season. Thank you to all of you who have worked hard to be ready to get our season started. Players - enjoy your upcoming practices and games – listen to Coach – share the ball – and enjoy the game!
Coastal travel Teams Grade 4, 5/6, 7/8 games  – Season Start is 9/9/17 - travel teams will either be home or away. Coastal town vs town schedules are expected by labor day 9/2/17 and coaches will reach out as soon as they have their individual team schedules. Coaches should have or be getting access to TeamSnap and most coaches will schedule your Soccer games using TeamSnap.
In-Town junior division Grade KG, 1, 2, 3 – Season Start us 9/9/17. Game schedules are below - any updates or changes will come out via group email from your individual coach, division director, or SportsPilot.
K - Rockwood Training
Boys 2:00 - 3:00
Girls 3:30 - 4:30

1st - Rockwood Training
Boys 11:00 - 12:00
Girls 12:30 - 1:30

2nd - Rockwood New
Boys 8:00 - 9:00
Girls 9:30 - 11:00

3rd - Rockwood New
Boys TBD - likely start one of these times 12:30, 2:00, 3:30
Girls TBD - likely start one of these times 12:30, 2:00, 3:30

High School Coastal teams Grade 9/10 and 11/12 – You only play in Spring 2018 season and can sign up any time from now till March 2018.

Zero Tolerance rules – the Coastal league oversees Grade 4 thru High School and has rules and regulations for behavior of coaches and parents. The primary goal of these rules is to support the referee and their decisions on the field. The coastal Zero Tolerance Policy is here – please give this a read and be respectful at all times in our soccer games and practices.

MYS Fanware Store – our Adidas partner WeGotSoccer has built a MYS fanware store for you to grab some extra soccer gear. The store link is here - https://www.wegotsoccer.com/marshfieldys There are a number of MYS branded fanware items which we think would make perfect gift materials for your soccer player or coach. There are also some regular soccer items available also.

Coaches corner – if you are new to soccer coaching, or if you just need some fresh ideas we have collected some links for you to review here As a coach or parent you should also take some time and review the CDC concussion HeadsUp course https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/

Board of directors and division directors – MYS board and division directors meet monthly and manage our program. You can get in contact with a board member here. There is always a need for new volunteers – let us know if you are interested in helping the program as a coach or perhaps more.

New England Revolution – MYS will be offering discounted tickets to New England Revolution games. We will send out info about MYS planned “night at the revs” events – tickets are discounted from $43 to $27 per seat. In addition, any coach or parent could plan their own event (minimum of 20 tickets) for a Revs home game. Please contact me (broberts@jfwhite.com ) at least two weeks in advance of the game and I help you purchase your tickets with our MYS group discount – again this is for 20 or more tickets sold to an individual game. Going to see the professionals play can give you a new perspective on the game you already love.

Boston Breakers – MYS will have discounted tickets to go see the Boston Breakers this season. This is another great opportunity to see some excellent soccer being played in our region.

Registration is now late for the upcoming Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 season - full registration info is here - http://marshfieldsoccer.com/registration

You can register players and pay on-line using the link below. First link is for Desktop PC or MAC, Second link is for mobile devices like phone or tablet. questions - registrar@marshfieldsoccer.com

Pay On-line (Sportspilot)

Mobile Pay On-line (SportsPilot)

 Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Register Now Here

Updated 08/23/17