Referee Information and Schedules

Referee Information

Certification and re-certification courses are held throughout the year, primarily over the summer and in the late fall/early winter. For information and to register for these courses please contact Massachusetts State Referee Committee at

Referee assignments are made thru Game Officials website -

MYS pay rate: U10 (HR/AR) - $15/game; U12 HR - $25/game, U12 AR - $16/game; U14 HR - $30/game and U14 AR - $19/game.  

For MYS specific questions please contract the MYS Referee Coordinator, Kristi Byrne at  or (781) 405-2961.

Take the Grade 8 ("grade" refers to referee certification, not school age) course if:
  • You are at least 14 years old.
  • You wish to Head Ref U12 games and above.
  • You want to referee U10 and/or U12 assistant referee only.
  • You wish to referee full-sided (11 players a side) soccer
  • You want to referee competitive players. That means that you want to referee the higher skilled players, those that have been selected to play for their town, and who will play in games against other towns.
Take the Grade 8 Bridge course if:
  • You have been a Grade 9 Referee for at least 1 year and your age plus your years of experience adds to exactly 16 or more.
  • You now want to referee more competitive games. (eligible to Head Ref - U12 and above) 
  • You have been a Grade 8 referee in the past five years, but let your registration lapse

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