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Select Team Commitment

For Boys and girls trying out for the U12-1 (C1), U12-2 (C2), U14-1 (B1) and U14-2 (B2) Teams.

If your child is chosen to represent one of Marshfield Youth Soccer's Select teams, please keep the following points in mind before your son or daughter accepts the spot on one of these teams.

  • Soccer needs to be their #1 commitment in the spring.
  • There are a limited number of spaces on the Select 1 and 2 teams.
  • Regular attendance of games and practices are expected during the Marshfield
    Youth Soccer regular season (April – June).
  • Practices will be a minimum of one day a week and a maximum of two days a
    week during the Marshfield Youth Soccer regular Spring Season (April – June).
  • Games will be every Saturday and will run for 10 consecutive weeks in the Coastal
    league, including April vacation.
  • In June, after the season ends, there are playoffs and the state championships MTOC. A
    player's commitment is expected to extend through the entire season including the
    post season.

We fully understand that children play multiple sports so if your child is unable to make Soccer their #1 Spring commitment but still would like to play soccer we will place them on one of our other Division 2 teams.

Certainly we do not want to discourage your child from playing soccer with their friends and classmates but remember there are other players who would love to have the chance to play on one of these teams.