2020 / 2021 JR Division Spring Schedule

Starting April 10th (Saturdays)

JR Division

      • K Girls
        • 8 am – Boys and Girls Club, 30-minute clinic followed by 30-minute scrimmage
      • K Boys
        • 9:30 am – Boys and Girls Club, 30-minute clinic followed by 30-minute scrimmage
      • 1st Girls
        • 11 am – Boys and Girls Club, 30-minute clinic followed by 30-minute scrimmage
      • 1st Boys
        • 12:30 pm – Boys and Girls Club, 30-minute clinic followed by 30-minute scrimmage
      • 2nd Boys
        • 9:30 am – Rockwood Training Field *no Saturday clinic, instead 5-10 min warmup with coaches, 40-minute scrimmage, with 5-minute halftime, mid-week clinic
      • 2nd Girls
        • 11 am – Rockwood Training Field *no Saturday clinic, instead 5-10 min warmup with coaches, 40-minute scrimmage, with 5-minute halftime, mid-week clinic
      • 3rd/4th Boys and Girls
        • Times Vary – 8, 9:30, 11 am, 12:30, 2 pm – Rockwood Field 2 until May 23rd, Rockwood Field 1 after May 23rd (practices will be midweek, one team per half of fields 2A/2B, and extra space in between the fields 2A/2B), 50-minute scrimmage, with 5-10-minute halftime, mid-week clinic


No games Memorial Day weekend.


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