For the upcoming season rec soccer 2022/2023 season if you need to pay by installments there is a two-step process to pay over time is this –

  • Register in SportsPilot for the normal Rec Soccer Fall 2021/Spring 2022 so you can update everyone’s jersey size and all other personal info. If you have multiple kids please register all at the same time – if your fees for the year are over $600 we have the player max discount $600 per year – but only when you register at the same time.
  • Do not pay on SportsPilot if you need to pay by installments – but you still need to complete the SportsPilot registration choosing at the final checkout screen “Pay over time installments”. SportsPilot can take full season payments – one payment for the year.  Do register fully thru SportsPilot and at the last page where it asks for credit card info – click the drop down – and choose “Pay over time Installments“. This will allow you to complete this stage of the registration in SportsPilot. See the picture below and be sure to click on the payment type list and choose installments.





  • Then on to stage two – making the first installment payment …
  • Log onto our “Pay Over Time site in TeamSnap –
  • This is your second registration for the year and TeamSnap is the site where you make your payments if you are choosing installments. This system does not know about the family max discount – so if you are to pay the max $600 just pick two $300 registrations for two kids making a $600 total for the year payment. The TeamSnap payment program has the option near the end to choose “installments” this when you choose it will break out your payment into six equal payments from now thru next April – the details show on screen for this when you register. Message that you have paid via the pay over time registration on TeamSnap and let us know which kids this is for – so that we can complete the other work for you – completing your rostering on SportsPilot.

So, in summary – if you need to pay over time by installments.

  • You register for rostering by Grade age in SportsPilot
  • You pay – choosing installments via TeamSnap


If you have questions on this process please message for help.

In TeamSnap this is the final screen you are looking for to choose installments – click the slider button to enable four payments here –