Marshfield Youth Soccer / Marshfield United coaches and all adult volunteers need to submit for CORI clearance and also take new trainings this season. Mass Youth Soccer in adherence to 2018 federal guidelines has partnered with US Soccer Connect/SportsAffinity for our Adult registration systems. If you participate with Marshfield Youth Soccer and are 18 years or older you need to complete this program. Completion and CORI clearance will enable us to produce your coaching credential – your annual Coach Lanyard. Coaches and Adults are not allowed to work with MYS teams and kids without full completion of this program – and Coaches are expected to have and wear their Coach Lanyard at all practices and games.

Coaches all need to start – HERE

Coaches/Adults will login to your existing account or if you are new this year establish an account, upload a headshot photo, sign the waivers, and then submit for CORI clearance. Additionally there is training courseware / certifications required for two new programs for Soccer coaches – CDC Heads Up concussion training and US Center for SafeSport Abuse prevention training.
Coaches need to register yearly thru the state program – and each year there are short refresher courses to complete. The full state guideline CORI information is here  on the right side of this page there are directions,  checklists, and links for the process.

Each year / each coach needs to –

  1. Renew or establish the yearly Cori process for this upcoming/current soccer season.
  2. Confirm a proper headshot photo is uploaded.
  3. Sign the yearly Cori waivers and make the yearly submission “I am coaching this season”.
  4. Take the online training courses – and take yearly refresher courses. Save the PDF completion certificates from courses as you may need to upload these.
  5. Yearly – only after all these steps are completed is Marshfield able to produce your coaching lanyard.

Quick tip – it is easy to miss the initial “register now” blue button from the states initial website. Click the link – Coaches all need to start – HERE  – then scroll down to the bottom of this page – and then begin with the blue “register now” button. Login as returning if you are a prior coach – or create new only if this is your first year coaching.










This fall, parents, please thank each coach for getting their Coaching Lanyard – they have invested quality time this year to earn this credential and take these courses.