Marshfield Youth Soccer - Recreational League

The Beautiful Game

Marshfield Youth Soccer's (MYS) recreational soccer program is open to boys and girls of all abilities from ages 4 through 18. We have a comprehensive program that provides for both fun and skills training.


  • Fall and spring soccer for a single cost
  • Professional coaching, KG to grade 2
  • FREE weekly skills clinics, grades 3 - 8


Registration will run until September. This is the only registration for the main recreational soccer program and is for both the fall and the spring seasons.

If you have a young Grade KG who is eager to start early please contact the Grade KG division director.

What Grade do I Register My Child For?

SINGLE GRADE GROUPINGS Grade Requirements   DOB (On or After)
Grade KG (Formerly U-6) KG Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2015
Grade 1 (Formerly U-7) 1st Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2014
Grade 2 (Formerly U-8) 2nd Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2013
Grade 3 (Formerly U-9) 3rd Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2012
Grade 4 (Formerly U-10) 4th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2011
DUAL GRADE GROUPINGS Grade Requirements   DOB (On or After)
Grade 5/6 (Formerly U-12) 6th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2010
Grade 7/8 (Formerly U-14) 8th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2008
Grades 9/10 (Formerly U-16) 10th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2006
Grades 11/12 (Formerly U-17/18) 12th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2004
PG (Formerly U-19) 12th + 1 year or Lower AND 1/1/2002

Returning Players

=====>  Please make sure to update the uniform size during registration! <=====

Children grow but last year's uniform does not.

Grades KG - 2

$200 Fall/Spring
  • Late Fee After 7/31/21 - $25

Grades 3 - 4

$230 Fall/Spring
  • Late Fee After 7/31/21 - $25

Grades 5 - 6

$260 Fall / Spring
  • Late Fee After 7/31/21 - $25

Grades 7 - 8

$300 Fall/Spring
  • Late Fee After 7/31/21 - $25

Grades 9 - 12

$160 Spring
  • No Late Fee for 9-12

Family Maximum is $600. The family max is calculated if you register all your children and pay at one time. If you register and pay on different days please contact the MYS Registrar about getting your fees adjusted or refunded.

Marshfield Youth Soccer helps needy families with registration scholarships. Contact Executive Board President Bruce Roberts at / or / or 617-799-2876 to inquire.

REFUND POLICY:  Ages Grade KG (formerly U6)  - Grade 7/8 (formerly U14) players withdrawing prior to September 1st are eligible for a partial refund. $50 will be deducted ($35 per player Town of Marshfield Field permit fee, $11 Mass Youth soccer insurance, $4 online registration fee) from the registration payment. After September 1st no refunds will be given.

Grade 9/10 (formerly U16) and Grade 11/12 (formerly U18/U19)  Prior to spring Coastal Youth Soccer League season week 1 a partial refund will be given less $50. Once season starts no refunds will be given.


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