Coaches Corner

Concussion Awareness

All coaches are asked to review the Concussion awareness materials HERE.

All coaches are asked to complete the CDC HeadsUp concussion course HERE.


Coach CORI registration

Each year all coaches are required to be "cleared" by the state CORI system and registered with MYSA Affinity sports system and obtain from Marshfield Youth Soccer a photo lanyard showing your CORI compliance. General adult cori info is HERE.

More details: MYScori.pdf

Coastal League 2018 Rules and Guidelines

Junior division notes


Junior Division Outline_Fall 2018

UK Elite training guides are now available below

Senior divisions notes

First of all, again we want to say THANK YOU for making the commitment to coach.  The kids are lucky to have the opportunity to play under so many enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer coaches.  Also, special thanks to the Division Directors for the many, many hours behind the scenes.  When they reach out for help with field lining, net fixing, etc., please try to lend a hand - or see if you can grab some of your parents to do so.

With regard to this weekend - obviously the first game is right around the corner.  Division Directors have sent out the master fall schedule, along with Part 1 of our home schedule.  We need each coach to confirm his or her game assignments with the opposing team's coach.  Best to have an email record!  Also, you should share your cell phone number with the other coach for last minute directions/issues if they pop up.  We're hoping that every team has had a chance to practice or at least meet up to distribute uniforms by now - or perhaps later this week.  Please get confirmation from your parents that they are receiving your emails.  Sometimes there is an old email address in the system and parents are not getting the notifications.

Putting this league schedule together is a herculean task - thanks Kevin Cantwell - and we need many set of eyes to spot discrepancies.  Please focus on the bracket schedules and be sure to look not only at the one where your team is listed, but also the others.  There are some "cross over" games when your team might be playing in another division.  If you spot any issues, please let me know.  I should have the balance of the Marshfield home schedule done by early next week - so apologies if you're not able to confirm those games with the coaches who may be inquiring.

U10, U12, and U14 coaches please report your game scores, matchup, and win - tie - loss each week to your division directors.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer is a great resource for coaches. If you're interested in taking their coaching certification courses, Marshfield Youth Soccer will pay for our coaches to attend.

Check out for information on sports injuries.


Coaching, Drills and Exercise Plans Links - good source of rules, guidelines and drills - GREAT section for drills and coaching insights. - UK website (BBC) with good instruction and